These 10 Gems can be cleansed through visualisation!

These 10 Gems can be cleansed through visualisation!

You may not believe it, but the power of your thoughts can affect everyday items you use. If you hold a particular gemstone, you can change its energy. In this article, you will find a list of gemstones that can be cleansed through mental visualisation.

1. Amethyst

A gemstone for positive transformation, deep meditation, enhancing your spiritual gifts, calming your thoughts, cleansing your space and energy, protection against negativity, strengthening intuition and opening your third eye.

2. Angel Aura Quartz

A gemstone that guides you into deep meditation, clears your energy, calms your body and mind, boosts self-confidence, allows messages from the Angelic realm to come through, guides you towards your spiritual goal and attracts wealth.

3. Kyanite

Both black kyanite and blue kyanite can be cleansed and charged through visualisation. Kyanite restores peace in a broken relationship, creates a calm mind, facilitates meditation, brings relaxation to the body and releases fears and worries.

4. Quartz

Clear quartz enhances intuition and draws Divine guidance to you. The power of manifestation is enhanced with this gemstone as it clears your mind, balances your thoughts and improves your focus. 

5. Labradorite

Labradorite unites all chakras to enable personal transformation, helps overcome insecurities and false beliefs, boosts self-confidence and courage to stand up to those who try to darken your light, and enhances your psychic vision.

6. Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli activates the third eye chakra, increases self-awareness, develops your intuition, stimulates psychic abilities, helps remember past lives and increases mental intellect.

7. Moonstone

Moonstone releases emotional blockages, helps you understand more deeply who you are, stabilises the emotional body, activates the higher chakras, stimulates psychic abilities and allows divine feminine energy to flow through your body and soul.

8. Turquoise

Turquoise increases intuition, facilitates exploration of past lives, cleanses all chakras, gives a peaceful feeling and is used as a talisman for protection.

9. Selenite

Selenite attunes to receiving messages from your guardian angels and spiritual guides, cleanses the aura, dissolves blockages and rebalances your emotions.

10. Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire enhances intuition, attracts success, strengthens your concentration, promotes clear communication, opens the third eye chakra and stimulates psychic abilities.


Cleansing your gemstone via visualisation

Find a quiet place to sit. With the gemstone in your hands, visualise the stone being surrounded by a bright white beam of light. As the light becomes brighter, it fills your hands and flows through the crystal, transforming negativity into positive light energy.

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