Your package will be sent from our warehouse with great care and precision. As soon as your parcel is picked up by the post, you will receive a confirmation and a Track & Trace code via e-mail.

It may take a few days before your code is active. If you cannot trace your parcel immediately, do not worry.

How long does shipping take to my country?

4-8 business days
Belgium 1-3 business days
Bulgaria 4-8 business days
Croatia 4-6 business days
Cyprus 5-7 business days
Czech Republic
4-6 business days
Denemark 4-9 business days
5-7 business days
4-9 business days
4-8 business days
4-9 business days
Greece 3-7 business days
Hungary 2-4 business days
4-9 business days
3-8 business days
Latvia 5-7 business days
Lithuania 5-7 business days
4-8 business days
Malta 5-9 business days
the Netherlands 3-6 business days
4-6 business days
Portugal 3-9 business days
Romania 4-8 business days
Slovakia 3-5 business days
Slovenia 4-6 business days
3-9 business days
4-9 business days


Can I order from outside of Europe?

No, we want to focus on our European Community and currently have no plans to expand to other parts of the world.

I can't track my order, what now?

If your tracking code is not active after 3 business days, please contact us via email with your order number.

I entered the wrong address, what do I do?

If you have provided an incorrect address you should contact us immediately within business hours. We will then adjust your address immediately.
If your parcel has already been sent, there is nothing we can do and you will have to wait until it is back in our warehouse before we can make another shipping attempt. Always check your address before placing an order.


I wasn't home during a delivery attempt

If the postal service did not leave a notification you should contact them directly. Do not forget to provide your tracking code and name.


I have another question

We are happy to help you! Please send us an email with your question, your name and order number.