Evil Eye bracelet + necklace

Protect your energy and tap into the ancient wisdom of the evil eye symbol with this luxurious necklace.


Flat Snake - 4mm
Flat Snake - 3mm


𓁿 What is the evil eye?

𓁿 What is the evil eye?

The evil eye is the age-old belief that you can be cursed by jealousy and misfortune will come your way. This spiteful gaze can be given consciously or unconsciously, and often by people close to you. Around 4OO B.C., Greeks, Assyrians and Romans made glass eyes to protect the evil eye. These amulets would not only provide protection but also reflect the evil eye back to the curser. They were called “Nazar,” “Mati” or (ironically) “Evil Eyes.” Today we find this amulet mostly in Greece and Turkey, but the evil eye is believed in many more areas than you think! Around 60% of all world cultures believe in some form of the Evil Eye.

∞ Our guarantees

∞ Our guarantees

◦ Fast + insured shipping on all orders

◦ Ethical and authentic gemstones from the beautiful continent of Asia

◦ The 14-day money back guarantee is our way of guaranteeing your complete satisfaction.

◦ Our customer service is ready to help you every weekday if needed.

◦ Easy returns included. For any reason, if you are not satisfied, you can return your item to us. Your happiness is our main priority.

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◦ By ordering from us, you are supporting a small family business.Join more than 1,000 satisfied goddesses.

♡ Why choose ZOI?

♡ Why choose ZOI?

✔️ We stand for quality, spirituality and honorability

✔️ This product offers 5 spiritual, powerful pendants combined with modern and timeless jewelry trends that fulfill your needs

✔️ A unique item, designed by us! And therefore not available anywhere else

✔️ A great, thoughtful gift for your loved ones or yourself!

✔️ High quality, won’t fade or make your skin look green!

✐ Product Specification

✐ Product Specification

18K Gold + Premium 316L surgical steel

Available in gold and silver

Size Necklace:

Size Pendant:
12mm diameter

Size Bracelet:

Additional Information
– Hypoallergenic
– Shower Friendly
– Color does not fade
– Includes FREE jewelry box
– Each eyelet is handmade and therefore unique!

~ Jewellery care

~ Jewellery care


✔️ Keep the jewelry dry as much as possible. If you shower with the jewelry, it is important to dab the jewelry dry with a towel.
✔️ Avoid contact with chemicals, chlorine and perfumes
✔️Always store the jewelry properlyCleaning:
✔️ Wet the jewelry
✔️ Dry it with a microfiber cloth (for more shine: add some baby oil to the cloth.

Are the jewelry very dirty ?
✔️ Use a wet, soft toothbrush and scrub SOFTLY over the jewelry. (Be sure not to use a hard toothbrush, the brush can permanently damage your jewelry)
✔️ Dry the jewelry with a microfiber cloth

⤶ Returns & exchanges

⤶ Returns & exchanges

We ship from our centrally located department store in Europe

Insured shipping with tracking:
3-8 working days to BE & NL

We accept returns within 14 days, for more info click here.

Which payment methods do you provide?

We accept payments through:
✔️ Bancontact
✔️ Maestro
✔️ PayPal
✔️ Klarna
✔️ Visa
✔️ Mastercard
✔️ American Express

Which material do you use?

-Premium Stainless Steel. The advantage of Stainless Steel or Surgical Steel over Sterling Silver is that it is made of a stronger metal and therefore less likely to scratch, it shines more than silver and is easier to maintain. In addition, jewelry made from stainless steel lasts much longer and is therefore suitable for daily wear.Wear.

-925 Sterling Silver. This material is mainly used for our gemstone pendants. Sterling silver is durable, shiny and waterproof.

Where do you ship from?

We ship your order from our centrally located warehouse in Europe

Does the jewellery fade?

All jewellery in our collection is made from the highest quality surgical steel and/or 925 Sterling Silver as the base material. Therefore, the jewelry will not discolor or rust.

Can I swim with the jewellery?

Although the jewelry is made from Premium surgical steel and therefore waterproof, we personally do not recommend swimming with the jewelry in chlorine and/or sea water. Chemicals are very harmful to the jewelry and gemstones in the long run.

Can I buy gemstones for myself?

Yes of course! If you feel connected to a gemstone (or more), you deserve to treat yourself to gifts from Mother Earth

Can I return my jewellery?

We accept returns as well as exchanges under certain conditions. For more info click here.

I have another question

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Send us an email: support@zoiwithintention.com

Creating a Collection for the Spiritually-Minded

Seeking out evil eye jewelry that spoke to her personal style, our co-founder Alexandra was disappointed to find a lack of options online.

Determined to bring together the ancient symbolism of the evil eye with modern, chic design, she set out to create her own collection for spiritually-minded individuals.

The result is a line of evil eye jewelry that seamlessly blends the timeless with the contemporary, catering to those who wish to express their beliefs and style through their accessories.

"I love my new necklace. It's simple and classy and matches all my outfits - A really nice way to incorporate the Evil Eye in jewelry without making it look cliché."
Manoe K
✓ Verified customer

Why Our Evil Eye Necklace is a Customer Favorite

Transformative Customer Reviews


Crafted with top-quality stainless steel, our evil eye jewelry is not only chic but also able to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, including showers.

Customer Reviews

Based on 56 reviews
Jenna E.

I'm in love!
Ik heb deze ketting voor mijn vriend gekocht als cadeau en het is gewoon perfect!
Nu matched hij met mijn armband die ik hier een tijdje geleden gekocht heb, nog steeds in perfect staat (en ik draag het dagelijks)!


Prachtige ketting! De ketting heeft een geweldige kwaliteit en het oogje ziet er in het echt nog mooier blauw uit! Beste aankoop ever✨

Chiara O.

Love it, super good quality!!

Vanessa S.

I was so excited and seriously it filled in all my expectations ✨👌🏻 So gorgeous and i feel really blessed at this moment 💕 the making off video before they send it to you is soo gorgeous ... super fast delivery ... and than you finally open it ... gift from heaven . Never leaving my house without it 🌟💪🏻

Warda Z.

One of the best shopping experience I have ever had! Super fast delivery, such nice contact with the sellers and the necklace is beautiful <3
I would recommend this shop to everyone!

Hjentse H.

Redenen (meervoud!) om een juweeltje bij Asteria te kopen:

1) De voor de hand liggende reden, ze zijn gewoon super mooi! Simpel, maar net mooi door hun eenvoud. Gemakkelijk te combineren met andere kettingen, maar evengoed als enige ketting te dragen.
2) De filosofie erachter. In deze gevaarlijke wereld, waar slecht nieuws overal om de hoek sluipt, kunnen we allemaal wat extra bescherming gebruiken. Laat dat nou net zijn waar deze ketting mede voor zorgt ;)
3) De service. Nog nooit in mijn hele leven ben ik zó goed geholpen als door Asteria. Ze geven niet op totdat er een oplossing gevonden is. Als ik al in de wolken was met mijn kettinkje, dan al helemaal door de service achteraf (en vooraf eigenlijk ook)!

Driemaal is scheepsrecht, dus ik zal het hierbij houden, maar om het nog eens kort samen te vatten: absolute aanrader! De vijf sterren meer dan waard :)

Tatyana V.

Hoe prachtig is deze ketting?! 🧿
De kwaliteit alleen al is echt top!
De verzending was echt super snel (binnen de 24u!) en het pakketje was super mooi verpakt!
Absoluut geen spijt van mijn aankoop!

nadia v.

i love it

Tiny V.

Deze ketting was a present from ME to ME. Terwijl ik met mezelf in de knoop zat, verloor ik ook nog eens mijn evil eye dat ik al droeg sinds mijn 7e na een vakantie in Turkije. Heel toevallig kwam deze pagina op mijn instagram en ik heb geen seconde getwijfeld. Ik heb sindsdien ook nog geen seconde spijt gehad. Love your bussiness en het verhaal erachter!

Linda B.

I bought this necklace for myself. Because how loving is it to treat yourself sometimes? To say to yourself: you deserve to feel protected, you are loved! So.. from me to me🌙
It is a beautifull necklace that fits on every style and mood. Very happy woman here

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Evil Eye bracelet + necklace

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