Why Malachite belongs in your crystal collection

Why Malachite belongs in your crystal collection

Are you ready for a new change in your life? It is said that some crystals can create certain experiences for you. If you want to create your own destiny, you will love Malachite. It is known as the 'Stone of Transformation'.

Malachite harmonises ALL chakras

Malachite restores energy flow and balance to the body. Malachite harmonises all chakras, but activates the heart chakra and breaks down emotional blockages, releasing inhibitions and self-limiting beliefs. Malachite also activates the Solar Plexus chakra, increasing your self-confidence and fuelling creative inspiration. 

Malachite strengthens your intuition 

Malachite strengthens your instinctive nature and inner wisdom. 

Malachite is a powerful spiritual protector

Malachite strengthens the aura and protects against negative influences and energies. Malachite is also considered one of the most powerful gemstones for spiritual protection.

Malachite is also called "the transformation stone"

Malachite has influences from Saturn and Pluto. With Saturn energy, life's challenges become your greatest strength. By learning discipline, structure and responsibility, it inspires you to mature and challenges your limits. Pluto energy symbolises transformation through rebirth and regeneration. This energy strengthens the will to explore deeper truths. Malachite helps you realise that you are capable of creating your own destiny.

Malachite helps process trauma

By encouraging positive transformation, it harnesses your inner strength to facilitate emotional processing of past traumas. It empowers you to take action and reclaim your personal power. Malachite helps you realise that everything in life is a lesson. It encourages you to open your heart to love and start anew with trust.

Malachite is perfect for Scorpio or Capricorn placements

Here, of course, we don't just look at your Sun sign, but at your full birth chart. Do you have certain planets or asteroids in Scorpio or Capricorn, or prominent 8th or 10th house placements? Then Malachite may be a powerful addition to your daily routines and manifestations! 

Malachite attracts money

Malachite is believed to attract financial success when kept around money.

Malachite in Ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, malachite was associated with death and the power of resurrection, as well as new life and fertility.

The ancient Egyptians believed that the afterlife contained an eternal paradise similar to their lives, but without pain or suffering, and referred to this place as the 'Malachite Field'. They rarely used malachite as a gemstone in jewellery, but ground it to make paint pigments and eye shadow.


People have been using malachite for thousands of years. It is an incredible stone that offers many health benefits, such as soothing pain and calming the mind and body. It is believed that wearing malachite can relieve and help restore balance and positivity.  Regardless of what you believe, malachite is undoubtedly a beautiful stone to add to your collection.  

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