We strive to be a guide in your spiritual journey and connect you to your Higher Self and the Divine Feminine. Our goal is to weave the spiritual realm into unique jewellery that everyone can feel connected to.

Our brand


Connected with spirituality and ancient traditions.
Immersed in elegance and timeless pearls.
We strive to offer affordable luxury.

Unique and meaningful

The curse of the evil eye is known worldwide, and although each culture has its own remedies, many cultures have one thing in common: the use of a talisman. Areas around the Mediterranean created glass eyes that reflected evil looks to the transmitter. Our Mediterranean co-founder was inspired by her roots when she created this collection.

18K gold en Premium Surgical steel

Because we strive to offer affordable luxury, we also chose Premium 316L surgical steel as the base material for our jewellery. This material is hypoallergenic and does not discolor. Thanks to electroplating we can also offer 18K gold plating. All items are made from the highest grade of surgical steel, except our gemstone pendants which are made from 925 Sterling Silver.

Eco-friendly and Ethical

We have to do our part for our planet, we only have one. Our jewelry boxes are made from recycled materials and sent in reclycleable shipping boxes! Our gemstones are ethically sourced and created by our manufacturer who is certified by the Responsible Jewelry Council.

The perfect gift

In many cultures, it is traditional to give newborns an evil eye necklace or bracelet. But everyone can enjoy spiritual protection, right? Whether it's your friend, mom, mother-in-law, sister or grandmother, you really can make any loved one happy with a meaningful piece of jewelry and show your appreciation for them.

Exclusive Jewellery

All products are available exclusively at www.zoiwithintention.com and for that can't be found anywhere else! More yourself, our bracelet "Evil Eye Bracelet" was created with the help of our IG followers. We value your opinion and make 80% of our decisions in consultation with our IG community.

Behind the brand..


Hey, I'm Alexandra. I'm an astrologer by training and am passionate about anything to do with astrology, self-help, green magic, healing with crystals. In other words; anything to do with becoming a better version of myself. I am highly sensitive and highly empathetic and a strong advocate of therapy. Through ZOI with intention, I hope to one day guide young people in their journey to self-acceptance! ZOI with intention is my passion project that I started during lockdown and this was the best initiative I have ever taken. 


Hey, I'm Joachim, and an entrepreneur at heart. My driving force in life is the pursuit of freedom! Freedom to live by my own values, to go where I want and freedom to give my mom a better life. I am also a firm believer in therapy and believe that everything starts with self-knowledge. My goal is to make Asteria Official the #1 spiritual jewellery brand in Europe and with this, have the opportunity to support charities to make a positive impact. And my life goal? That is to motivate and inspire young people and show them that you can become successful regardless of your skin color.