Around which hand should you wear an evil eye bracelet?

Around which hand should you wear an evil eye bracelet?

Evil eye talismans are worn to protect you from evil looks and jealousy. For thousands of years, people have been protecting themselves with "evil eye pendants", among other things, to ward off this curse and reflect it back to the transmitter themselves! 

Around which hand should I wear my evil eye bracelet?

While it is important to test this for yourself, there is a spiritual significance of wearing your bracelet on the left or right hand. Depending on the type of gemstone (or talisman), one side may be better than the other.


The left side of our body is seen as the core of our emotions. It is connected to our heart. In the spiritual world, our heart is described as the core of our being. This is where we are made. When you wear a lucky charm or bracelet on your left hand, you will attract luck into your life. This is because your emotions are vital to everything you want to achieve in your life.


In the spiritual realm, the right hand is the seat of logic and ideas. It is believed to be the centre of all our thoughts, which ultimately lead to action. The right hand is connected to our brain. It is connected to our seat of logic. It is connected to our seat of reasoning and perception. Therefore, wearing bracelets or lucky charms on your right hand will influence your thoughts and make you positive. The right hand will stimulate your perception, which will enhance your creativity. A lucky charm and bracelet work on your right hand, however, it affects a larger part of your creativity, ideas, and mindset.

So what about evil eye bracelets?

Because an Evil Eye bracelet is meant to protect you from evil glares and curses, it is recommended to wear the bracelet on your LEFT SIDE, the side connected to your heart, to your core.

Where can I find quality evil eye bracelets?

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