10 Symptoms for the Evil Eye!

10 Symptoms for the Evil Eye!

While some people do not believe the evil eye really exists, for many of us it is part of our upbringing, our culture. We have all blamed the evil eye for our bad luck at one time or another. But the evil eye is extremely dangerous and should be taken seriously at all times. The belief in evil eye causing injury, misfortune, illness and even death has been around for thousands of years! Here are some signs that you have been affected by the evil eye:

1. Loss of appetite

Lack of appetite, not enjoying your food and even gagging can be a sign of the evil eye.

2. Excessive Yawning

You cannot stop yawning even when you are not tired and especially while praying.


3. Vomiting and Diarrhoea

Digestive problems are obvious symptoms of the evil eye; vomiting and diarrhoea are no exception.

4. Insomnia and Extreme Fatigue

You just can't seem to find peace and have trouble falling asleep. Maybe you are even scared in the dark or feel like you are not alone in your room. Although you sleep a lot, you still feel very tired. Or maybe you are afraid to fall asleep because you know you will have nightmares.


5. Depression

Gloomy thoughts, constantly tense, you feel lonely even with your loved ones. You feel unworthy, worthless, you have trouble getting along with others and feel like everything in your life is falling apart. You avoid crowded gatherings and prefer to be alone, away from everything. You cannot even enjoy activities that you normally find enjoyable.

6. Headaches on one side of your head

These headaches are constant and unbearable.

7. Frequent mood swings

One minute you're having a great time, the next you're re-evaluating every decision you've ever made, feeling angry and sad at the same time without really knowing why.

8. Skin problems

Acne, allergies and red bumps will surface if someone has hit you with the evil eye.


9. Fever 

Hot and cold flushes and fever are common symptoms of evil eye.

10. Dark circles around the eyes

Do you suffer from sudden dark circles and heavy eyelids? That could be the evil eye!

Hoe bescherm ik me tegen het Boze Oog?

Every culture deals with the evil eye differently; there is no right or wrong way to protect yourself. "Can I protect myself if I didn't grow up in any of these cultures?" Of course! Everyone has the right to protect themselves, the evil eye knows no cultural boundaries. The most important thing is to protect your energy. Analyse your environment, get rid of negative aspects that drains you. Try to be grateful, meditate or pray, and wear protective talismans!


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